Sir; I would like to clarify the findings of our research quoted by the Meat and Livestock Commission and reported in last week's issue ('Origin really matters to shoppers says MLC', The Grocer, 3 February, p51).

Connecting Consumers with Farming and Farm Produce, which was commissioned by Defra and co-sponsored by the National Farmers' Union and the major food retailers, explored at a high level what motivated shoppers of food overall.

The results present an average across food, so it is not at all surprising to discover different results when you look at individual sectors such as meat.

The report identified a real opportunity to focus on some of the key drivers of purchase - taste, health, freshness and quality of food - and to explore how British food could be better marketed to fit some of these more effectively.

The point is that for shoppers, "Britishness" or "Englishness" alone will not win the day.