Industry bodies will be taking up Gordon Brown’s invitation to suggest regulations that should be scrapped or simplified under his plans to cut red tape.
Launching the Better Regulation Plan, Brown invited businesses to highlight areas of regulation and administration that were hampering companies from conducting their business.
Leading trade bodies said they would study the regulation landscape carefully before submitting proposals.
The Food and Drink Federation said it would respond after it had consulted members. Spokeswoman Christine Fisk said the FDF wanted to ensure that competitiveness was a key concern in the EU decision -making structure on new legislation.
A spokeswoman for the Association of Convenience Stores said it was identifying areas on which it would respond to Brown’s invitation. The British Retail Consortium also confirmed it would take part in the process.
The Better Regulation Plan pledges to reduce inspections by a third and form filing by 25% through a risk-based approach. A new Consumer Trading and Standards Agency will ensure co-ordination at a local level. Brown said a superstore, which could currently be inspected by 203 separate offices, would only have to deal with one set of standards under the agency.
John Cridland, director general for the Confederation of British Industry, welcomed the plan, but said it had to be “more than just rearranging the Whitehall deckchairs”. “There is a pressing need for regulations to be cut back and simplified.”
Beth Brooks