The fallout from yesterday's food additives study continues as prime minister Gordon Brown reportedly prepares to push the European Union for a ban on artificial colours and flavours in food.

Yesterday's study, first revealed by The Grocer in April, suggested that eating or drinking certain mixes of artificial food colours with the preservative sodium benzoate could be linked to hyperactivity in children.

Brown is preparing to push for action from the EU so that food manufacturers are required to remove additives from products, according to reports in The Times.

Reports in the Daily Mail add that the PM has demanded research from Whitehall and meetings with the Food Standards Agency to discuss the issue, with aides indicating that he is seeking to have additives banned by the EU.

Meanwhile, the European Food Safety Authority is set to examine the study next month as part of its ongoing review of food additives, according to the Financial Times. It plans to review 45 colourings used throughout Europe by the end of 2008.