Prime minister Gordon Brown has urged Britons to stop wasting food.

His call follows a Cabinet Office report which found the UK throws away 4.1 million tonnes of edible food every year - equivalent to £420 per household.

Supermarkets could be urged to axe three-for-two deals that encourage shoppers into bulk buying more than they need, according to the Independent.

“If we are to get food prices down, we must do more to deal with unnecessary demands, such as by all of us doing more to reduce our food waste which is costing the average household £8 a week,” Brown said as he flew to Japan to attend the G8 summit.

“That's why I'm proposing we take action to increase the global supply of food and reduce unnecessary demand.

“We will be discussing at the G8 how we can help Africa realise its great potential as a food producer and we would like to see production of key foodstuffs in Africa double over the next five to ten years,” he added.