The new voting system agreed at the Nice summit of European Union leaders will allow two large EU states to hold sway without the possibility of a blocking minority. Under the old vote weighting system, the UK was able to work with Italy, Denmark and Sweden to extract reforming concessions during the CAP Agenda 2000 talks. Under the new arrangements the big four countries ­ France, Germany, Italy and the UK ­ will each have 29 votes. As a result of this change, in any future qualified majority voting situation, the two main opposers of farm policy reform, France and Germany, will find it easier to form a majority with smaller countries and reformers will find it more difficult to block them. In the new voting scheme, the qualified majority is now established at 258 votes out of 342, with 89 votes required for a blocking minority, that is in practical terms, equivalent to three large states and one small one. Once there are 27 member states, the blocking minority increases to 91 votes. {{PROVISIONS }}