Packaging design for Kwik Save’s new cheapest on display range, Simply, was driven by research that found almost a fifth of UK shoppers are turned off by the bland labelling of budget lines.

Kwik Save found that 18% of shoppers were embarrassed to include value items in their shopping basket because of the stigma of their economy packaging.

Some 40% of consumers on tight budgets felt that supermarkets are more interested in customers who can afford top-of-the-range products rather than those who can’t.

Half of the shoppers questioned said the most embarrassing labelling was the familiar blue and white stripes. While 60% said pictures on the labels was a driver to buy the product.

Kwik Save marketing director Gill McComas said: "We've made our packaging more attractive by adding product photos on key food lines so customers feel better about buying the items and there's no stigma attached.

“Most supermarket budget ranges contain good quality items. It’s a shame to let shoddy packaging devalue the product.”