Predictably, Cadbury’s board yesterday dismissed the formal bid from Kraft out of hand – even labelling the offer “derisory”. That’s the angle for both Daily Mail and the Independent.

But the Daily Telegraph says the confectioner’s shareholders may yet “warm” to that offer. The Times has its own take, while even the Daily Mirror gets involved.

Elsewhere, the Guardian says the tradition of (alcoholic) drinks brands sponsoring sporting events could be coming under threat, with medical experts urging to government to ban the practice.

The Mail is worried about a new generation of middle-class shoplifters, thieving sun-dried tomatoes and the like from Waitrose.

The Financial Times reports that French manufacturer Danone  has won its legal battle with China’s Wahaha after their joint venture went pear-shaped.

There’s baffled amazement at the apple that doesn’t rot developed in Australia. The Telegraph and the Independent both have the story.

If it helps cut food waste, it must be a good thing; the Mail reports that we waste £12bn worth of food and drink a year. The Times has the story too, concentrating on the headline figure that we pour £470m of wine down the sink each year.