Allied Bakeries is helping raisin brand Sun-Maid break with more than 80 years of tradition by bringing out buns under the banner. Launching on May 22, Raisin Buns will be the first extension of its kind for Sun-Maid, which has been enjoyed since 1920. Brand owner Stevens & Brotherton said it felt the time was right to explore new avenues with the brand, claiming that it had enjoyed 12% growth in the past year to give it a 72% slice of the branded raisin market. The newcomer will come in single-serve 70g portions and packs of four, rsp: 59p and £1.29 respectively. Allied is supporting the launch with adverts in trade and consumer magazines as well as PoS material to accompany the launch. It said the product, which features raisins and a cinnamon swirl, will be targeted at cash-rich, time-poor 25 to 45-year-olds. It expects the buns to enjoy their greatest success in convenience stores. "This will be part of a series of new products under the Sun-Maid brand," said a spokesman. "The buns are a unique product and they will compete with other fruited snacks and cake bars." {{P&P }}