Burton's is hoping to keep the wheels rolling on an old favourite by giving it a new look and £2m of advertising. The company is overhauling the 53-year-old Wagon Wheel, giving it metallic packaging for the first time. It also claims to have come up with an improved product with a "great new chocolately taste" and that it will be easier to spot on shelf. The revamped chocolate biscuit bar launches in January, available in Original and Jammie flavours, rsp 79p for six or £1.39 for 12. Singles will also get the new look with TV and radio ads airing from early February alongside national sampling activity. And three million households will receive money-off coupons for Wagon Wheels, said Burton's, as part of a door drop campaign starting early in the New Year. Senior brand manager Carys Evans said: "The new packaging is an evolution rather than a revolution because we are conscious of the need to preserve Wagon Wheel's strong brand values." Meanwhile, Burton's is continuing its drive to give its entire biscuit portfolio a new look. Maryland Cookies and Viscount are among other products that have already been given makeovers. {{P&P }}