Do you do it in the bedroom or the boardroom? Or is the garage forecourt or supermarket more your kind of place? No matron, this is not a chat up line from a Carry On film. It seems that petrol pumps, petfood and pomegranates are taking over as the backdrop for today's business deals, thanks to the wonders of modern telecommunications. A survey by Business Direct, the Co-operative Bank's 24-hour telephone and internet banking service for small to medium sized businesses, found that hot shots are just as likely to clinch deals on the mobile phone or at home as they are in the office. Car parks are the most popular location, but 12% favour service stations, 12% like to negotiate when shopping, and 5% want to do deals from under the duvet. So, next time you spot a pinstriped, mobile wielder in between the dairy products and the deli counters, try and listen in. You never know, it could be very useful information. {{COUNTERPOINT }}