Cadbury's Buttons, the archetypal kids' brand, is set to grow up, thanks to an adult-focused revamp and relaunch. Besides new metallic film outfits across the range, the 33g White and Standard bags and 40g Giant Buttons get new designs. Hitting shelves on February 25, the new range will be supported by a £3.5m TV and cinema advertising campaign. With the strapline Delightfully uncomplicated', the ads target a more diverse age range than previous campaigns. Research by brand owner Cadbury Trebor Bassett revealed that 38% of Buttons are bought by adults for themselves ­ to eat on their own or for sharing. Chris Morgan, customer relations director, said the company wanted to retain the brand's core kids market but also appeal to to older consumers. He added that he anticipated double digit growth from the £43m brand this year. {{P&P }}