Less than a quarter of shoppers think c-stores are moving with the times, data from Him! has ­revealed.

Although 83% of store owners thought they were keeping up with the latest developments in retailing, just 23% of shoppers agreed with them, a Him! study on the future of convenience found. The figure was even worse among wholesalers, with just 6% believing c-stores were up to date. Thirty per cent of suppliers thought c-stores had their finger on the pulse.

However, despite shoppers believing c-stores are old-fashioned, they were happy with the way retailers advertised their wares. The majority of respondents said they wanted to receive information on offers available at their local c-store through traditional formats such as leaflets, newsletters and TV ads, rather than via Facebook, Twitter, and apps.

The study, unveiled at the ACS Summit, also revealed that shoppers, retailers and suppliers all believe there is a future for the convenience sector. Of the more than 40 suppliers that took part in the study, 76% said they were being asked to develop convenience-specific products or formats and 64% had or were developing convenience-specific case sizes.