None of the combined categories' newcomers has achieved distribution in more than three-quarters of possible outlets, although nearly all have caused more than a fifth of initial purchasers to buy a second time.
The rising star seems to be mega-brand Jaffa Cakes' extension into Mini Rolls, which arrived last July. These reached 72% of all possible outlets by October, while the proportion of consumers trying them has topped 7%. Just over a quarter have gone back for more.
McVitie's White Chocolate and Raspberry Cookies come a close second. Also launched in July, they beat the Jaffa line on distribution by going into three-quarters of suitable outlets. However, their initial purchase rate is lower at 3.7%, and there are fewer second purchases.
Another McVitie's line, Munchbites, scored the highest level of initial trial with just under 8% of the panellists, and more than a third of those bought again, but its distribution rate is much lower at only 20%. Hovis Sunny Loaf's repeat purchase rate was even higher than Munchbites', with nearly 36% wanting more. But the product is distributed to fewer than half of possible outlets.
Elsewhere, Fox's Secrets reached just over a third of available stores, with 3.5% trialling the products and more than a quarter buying again.