from Rex Garratt, national spokesman, Forum of Private Business

Sir; We have launched a nationwide petition calling for a cut in fuel duty to fend off a slump in the economy.
This will give businesses and the public the chance to tell Gordon Brown to stop bleeding the country dry with his exorbitant tax on fuel.
With nearly two thirds of the cost of petrol or diesel charged in tax, the Chancellor is fuelling inflation and slowing down the national economy. Business is dependent on petrol and diesel to deliver goods or services. It is not a luxury, and should not be taxed as if it were.
When oil commodity prices are high, the Treasury could lower duty on fuel by an equivalent amount, and keep pump prices at a stable level.
The government would not be losing revenue because it would be clawing in extra VAT, plus extra tax on Britain’s own oil production, as well as extra tax raised on the massive profits of Shell and BP.