Sir; Your Opinion column last week hit the nail on the head when it discussed the MLC's ridiculous advertising slogan for pigmeat After she's fed them she could be fed to them'. And you are so right when you suggest that particular slogan should be "consigned to the marketing dustbin". But let's hope, appeal to the ASA or not, that this matter can now be laid to rest. I share your concern about that unfortunate interview on the Today progamme between the MLC executive and the man from the Danish Bacon and Meat Council. There's nothing worse than a public squabble between the Brits, the Dutch and the Danes at a time when they should be joining forces to boost bacon and pigmeat consumption generally. I enjoy the unusual distinction of being a farmer with grocery interests, but I had my doubts about the advisability of the ad when it first appeared. So my message to the MLC now is, please, please let the matter rest. All power to MLC's elbow in promoting the interests of our great UK industry. But let's be sensible. Please do not print my name and address. I don't want to be in dispute with what you, Mr Editor, call the pig sector's fanatical fringe. Patriot Name and address supplied {{LETTERS }}