Many UK companies don't know how to incorporate ethnic businesses into the supply chain and customer base according to the latest publication from government advisor Ram Gidoomal. In The British and How to Deal With Them' authors Gidoomal, Deepak Mahtani and David Porter challenge the government and commercial organisations not to squander the potential of a multicultural society through ignorance. Gidoomal, who chaired the recent Better Regulation Task Force report into how red tape affects small shops, said: "Even today it is amazing how little is known about minority communities. "How do we really harness that potential? Some supermarkets have now got space for kosher food, but there would also be massive scope for Hallal foods. Has this business opportunity been researched and understood?" Knowledge of this could also sharpen packaging and marketing, said Gidoomal. He said: "If there is a large minority population in a certain area, you can repackage. In a tightly competitive market we need to create an added value niche." The book calls for indigenous businesses to understand key cultural factors and for diversity to become a core company value. {{NEWS }}