from Andrew Jones, head of corporate communications, Camelot Group
Sir; It is not true that, in its bid for the second National Lottery franchise, Camelot pledged to retain the 65/35 split in favour of independent retailers (Independents Fight 50/50 Split, The Grocer, August 17, p6).
In February 2000 when the bid was submitted, the divide was around 60/40 and a commitment was given that Camelot would retain a fair balance between the two.
Nothing has changed, Camelot remains committed to ensuring that over 96% of the population live or work within two miles of a lottery terminal. To fulfil that commitment Camelot is reliant on the independent sector.
Retail development in the UK is not static and has seen much change since the lottery was launched in 1994.
Camelot would be failing in its duty to maximise sales, and therefore returns to good causes, if it did not seek to follow changing retail patterns and ensure its terminals are located where the playing public live, shop and work.