Senior staff at PayPoint have claimed their livelihoods will be at risk if Camelot enters the e-payment market.

Finance director George Earle and head of corporate affairs Peter Brooker were among staff who persuaded their MP to write to the National Lottery Commission opposing Camelot's plans to offer mobile top-ups and bill payments through its 28,000 lottery terminals.

The identical letters, published this week as responses to the NLC's consultation on Camelot's plans, stated that the lottery operator's entry "could have a direct impact on my livelihood" because "it just seems really unfair that Camelot should be able to use its monopoly position to hurt other companies and put people out of work". 

The letter added: "Once you use the lottery's monopoly to compete unfairly in other markets, a bit more for 'good causes' will [come] at the expense of jobs and the lives of ordinary people."

One source called the letters "laughable", as PayPoint's annual report showed Earle earned £480,000 last year. "It's complete hypocrisy," he added. "Their arguments are totally disingenuous and self-centred."

The responses to the consultation also revealed PayPoint had sent retailers a template letter to contact their MPs on the issue. Twenty-five responded to the consultation, with 12 using PayPoint's letter.

But Andrew Thomson of Premier Tillicoultry called PayPoint "bullies" in his response. "It is they who have a near-monopolist position and are scared of losing it. They way they treat us, they need competition."