A campaign to breath fresh life into the canned food aisles is set to step up its plans in 2003.
Canned Food UK is to continue focusing on health issues and as part of that will be conducting a comparison study of the nutritional benefits of canned goods compared to fresh goods.
Chairman Steve Thomas said nothing had been finalised yet but it would be working with a leading university on the study.
"We want credible research, it has to be bombproof. We are not looking simply to knock other foods or sectors.
"We just want to address some of the misconceptions people have about canned food."
Thomas said the association would also be building on the success it has enjoyed since it was founded two years ago.
"In the last two years, we have gone from five members to some 15, and now have companies like Heinz, Campbell, Nestlé and Baxters onboard."
Canned Food UK is also continuing its Canveniently Nutritious campaign with a recipe booklet drawn up with the help of leading nutritionists. Thomas said the organisation would also continue to communicate with retailers to find ways of making the canned aisles more appealing to consumers.