Food industry leaders hoping to see dramatic reform of the EU's Common Agriculture Policy in 2006 are unlikely to be supported by the European Commission. Franz Fischler, the EU's agriculture commissioner, told the NFU's annual conference that the next round of talks on CAP reform slated for 2006 would have to be seen as being part of an ongoing process. "We have made good progress over the last 10 years. Let us not throw out the baby with the bath water but concentrate on the positive direction of our reform. What we need is not revolution but evolution. This is the best road to sustainability." But Fischler did accept that the mid term review of Agenda 2000 changes ­ due later this year ­ would be the right time for modifications. "This review will give us the opportunity to check where we can adapt the instruments of our CAP to better meet the expectations of society." Issues up for debate could include modulation, rural development and the WTO discussions, said Fischler. But he stressed the discussions were to review Agenda 2000 and not to table new measures for CAP reform. That would have to wait until 2006. {{PROVISIONS }}