Industry welfare charity Caravan has launched an awards scheme to recognise companies that actively support it in at least one of five ways.

Judges for the The Caravan Achievement Awards are looking for companies that have: committed volunteers to Caravan's national committees; supported both local and regional events; taken part at annual events such as the Windermere Row and the Diamond Ball; identified potential beneficiaries; or committed to a corporate charitable donation.

To win a gold award, a company must have done all of these - although silver and bronze awards are available to those that have done just some of them.

The judging period for the awards runs from September 2007, with winners to be announced at Caravan's Annual Luncheon in November next year.

"So many companies show huge generosity, whether it be through financial contributions or dedicating time and effort to support our annual events," said Gillian Barker, Caravan's director general. "The awards enable us to show our thanks publicly."

Caravan provides aid and assistance to nearly 1,500 former grocery industry workers who have fallen on hard times.