The Carbon Trust is calling on companies to rethink their production processes in a bid to reduce carbon emissions.

The trust has been working with companies in dairy, confectionery and bakery to identify changes to production that could help the environment.

It is now urging them to apply for funding of up to £500,000 per project as part of its £15m Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator programme.

Ideas included baking bread in lighter tins, cleaning pipes with ice instead of hot water and using microwaves to dry sweets, said technology acceleration manager Al-Karim Govindji.

"Industry can be traditional and in some cases companies have used the same processes for 40 years because they work well," he said. "To change them can also be expensive but what we're saying is there are improved processes out there that could be considered alongside existing equipment that could substantially reduce energy."

Tangerine Confectionery, Dairy Crest, Allied Bakeries and Jackson's are among the companies that have been working with the Carbon Trust on developing carbon reduction initiatives.

"The possibility of using microwave technology to generate heat for our stoving cycles is an exciting prospect, which if successful would provide huge benefits for our particular industry," said Tangerine Confectionery operations director David Prosser.

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