UK supermarkets continue to commit huge crimes when it comes to Italian food, according to the UK’s best-known Italian chef, Antonio Carluccio.
Although the multiples are sourcing more products from Italy, UK consumers are still fed a diet of ‘Britalian’ food that is
neither produced in Italy nor made to authentic recipes, said the chef, who also owns a chain of deli-cafés located in and around London.
“Pasta sauces here are very different to those in Italy.
“It really annoys the Italian government. They are always complaining about products that present themselves as Italian but are not made there, or even to Italian recipes.
“Everyone has jumped on our bandwagon,” said Carluccio.
Italian trade commission data shows the fastest growth for Italian suppliers is in cheese, cured meats, bakery, nuts, balsamic vinegar and selected olive oils and pasta sauces.
However, increased competition has contributed to sharp declines in value sales of Italian mineral waters, spirits, soft drinks and dry pasta, with the latter hit by continued price pressure from the multiples, despite steady volumes.