A campaign is set to get under way in a bid to increase consumption of the humble shallot.

A group of six growers have joined forces to create a new association, ukshallot.com to try and grow the market for the vegetable.

Grower Paul Cripsey said the opportunity was there: “A lot of people don’t know what a shallot is or what they can do with it, so we want to raise awareness of the vegetable.”

He said that in France the per capita consumption is 580g, while the UK currently stands at around 50g. A recent survey also revealed around 30% of UK shoppers never buy shallots.

He said the association would undertake a 12-month PR and e-marketing initiative to raise awareness of the vegetable and its culinary uses and at the heart of the campaign will be the website.

Launching at the beginning of October, it will be updated regularly and feature information and photographs as well as different recipes. A newsletter will also be available for consumers to subscribe to.