ENVIRONMENT GROUPS IN ACTION It is common practice in the food industry for companies, and other organisations, to join forces in reducing environmental impact. Lessons are shared, guidelines are developed and new research jointly funded to bring overall improvements. In Worthing, West Sussex, the food industry worked with local authorities, waste management companies and the World Wide Fund for Nature to fund and oversee the introduction of a household waste recycling scheme and the development of an automatic plastic sorting machine. The scheme demonstrates that household waste can be recycled at little extra cost ­ only £1.33 per household per year more than standard rubbish collection. The Soap and Detergent Industry Association (SDIA) encourages dialogue between a wide range of groups including industry, government, customers, public interest groups, and educational organisations. The aim is to raise awareness of the evolving environmental agenda, which can lead to genuine improvements. The Retail Energy Efficiency Club (REEC) was founded by Safeway in 1998. The Club's primary function is to evaluate energy saving technologies, such as assessing the energy efficiency of new equipment, improving the control of heat curtains and using alternative refrigerants. Valpak is an industry group working with government to meet national recycling targets. Other industry groups are investigating such areas as energy efficiency, shared distribution facilities, farming techniques, biodiversity, sustainable development, packaging design, waste disposal. And these groups are not limited to the UK either. A Euro-Retailer Produce Working Group, is sharing information on integrated crop management. {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}