PARAMOUNT FOODS Paramount Foods is a small, but high quality, producer of frozen seafood ready meals, based in Brixham, Devon. The company was established in 1988 by managing director, Ali Hannaford. Paramount had been prospering, but increasingly needed guidance on a number of critical areas. Hannaford joined the IGD's Small Food Producers Support Initiative in 1998. This is an initiative that enables larger established businesses to share their knowledge and provide guidance free of charge to up and coming companies. Paramount was linked with St Ivel, under the Support Initiative. Over the past 18 months, St Ivel and Paramount have discussed a number of potential areas for development. Top on the list of priorities were human resources, and Hannaford's desire to introduce a clear personnel development programme ­ which not only included the factory team, but also herself! Site visits by teams from St Ivel to Paramount, and vice-versa, have helped to build the relationship. Both parties are now discussing new areas, including financial planning. Since the launch of the Support Initiative, 24 links have been established between small businesses and a number of large, well known companies. There are plans for many more links to be developed over the coming years. By so doing, the Support Initiative is playing an important role in helping the industry help itself and in delivering greater choice to consumers. {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}