The Landmark cash and carry buying group is hoping to build on a record year with two major new projects early in 2001. First up, said md Mike McGee, would be a new e-commerce initiative for its members' customers. "We have got something pretty big. And we will do it well ­ but a bit quicker than we first thought." The group is also preparing to revamp its own label range. McGee said that while the range was doing okay, it was not "pushing up trees", and he said Landmark was "doing something to address that". McGee explained that a strong programme of promotions and special deals had allowed the group to raise sales by 13% in the past year. "We have generated record earnings for our members and a good surplus to distribute back to them," he added. But McGee said: "We are not getting recognition on the volumes we are doing. Margins are being squeezed. So we are trying to get better deals to protect our margins." McGee also believes the current competitive climate will accelerate consolidation of the wholesale market. "Independent wholesalers are feeling the squeeze and there's going to be a few casualties," he said. {{NEWS }}