from Sub-postmaster, name and address supplied

Sir; Thank you for highlighting the unfairness of the Post Office contract (‘C-stores attack PO terms’, The Grocer, December 4, p4). It is ridiculous and is seriously affecting my business.
In October the Post Office/Alliance & Leicester changed my cash machine from non-charging to £1.50 surcharge. I had no say in the matter. Not surprisingly, this has caused me huge problems with my customers and my attempts to resolve the issue with the Post Office have had no effect.
This decision has done nothing for my business and the fee charged is only supporting the bank and the Post Office.
My husband, who is a partner in the business, works for a chain of c-stores and one of the areas he is in charge of is contracting cash machine providers. The lowest rate of commission that is available direct from his current supplier is 38.88p per transaction, which is equivalent to £388 in commission per month.
That compares with the £4.95 commission the Post Office gives me. It is forcing me to upset and lose customers, while it makes at least £388 a month more from my shop. It is a nothing short of a disgrace.