All suppliers can usefully apply category management principles. Here are some practical tips on how to go about it 1 Forget about category captain designation ­ start acting to develop the category 2 Focus on end results ­ do not become obsessed with processes and jargon 3 Explain to everyone in your business how category management makes money, and then keep on explaining 4 Go for some quick wins ­ the clock is ticking, especially with the sceptics 5 Do the minimum amount of analysis necessary to reach actionable conclusions rather than crunching every number in sight 6 Use a mix of numbers analysis, qualitative research, store observation, and judgement/intuition ­ actionable insights are what you want, not books full of charts. 7 Work with staff at stores to understand the practicalities and develop plans which can and will be implemented. - Jonathan Smith and Julie Craig of Axis Management Consulting. {{MANAGEMENT FEATURE }}