from Ken Reed, sales director, Cauldron Foods

Sir; As Cauldron is easily the UK’s third-biggest vegetarian food brand [TNS Superpanel 52 w/e January 30, 2005], I need to correct the impression given by last week’s Focus on Vegetarian Foods, which quoted statistics for the frozen sector only, rather than the overall market, and thus omitted us from the Top 10.
Cauldron is leading the way with its range of award-winning, exclusively chilled products.
Producing premium-quality products, we constantly look to raise the standards of the category through new formats and flavours, which appeal to contemporary consumers looking to include healthier foods in their diet without compromising on taste.
Our investment in NPD, and our appeal to a broader audience, have been driving sales growth for the Cauldron brand ahead of the total market.
Multiples and independents are beginning to realise the potential that the chilled vegetarian category offers.
The range provides greater variety and convenience than frozen, and is also showing high growth as well as relatively premium pricing.