Sanjeev Bhaksar, the star of hit TV comedy The Kumars at No 42, is to front new TV ads for Masterfoods’ Celebrations chocolate brand.
The actor will appear in the pre-Christmas push with his real family and has even penned the script himself.
Breaking at the end of this month, the commercials show Bhaksar enjoying a family Christmas party with a tin of Celebrations.
The tin gets passed around the whole house before it lands back in his hands with just one sweet left. That is then nabbed by his real-life grandmother.
The 30-second treatment, set to be screened nationwide from November 30, closes to a Punjabi version of Kool and the Gang’s 1970s hit Celebration.
Two 10-second versions will also be screened.
Masterfoods spokeswoman Sam McElligott said: “We’re very excited about Sanjeev’s association with Celebrations for our new TV campaign.
“The commercials reinforce the social aspect of the brand with a humorous and seasonal edge and will help keep the flagship tin at the forefront of consumers’ minds.
“Our aim is to build on the association Celebrations has with key occasions, whether given as a gift or to share.”
Masterfoods will also be aiming to tempt sweet-toothed revellers with a range of gifting and sharing Celebrations products in the run up to Christmas.
Among the offerings are cut price cartons and a new limited edition star-shaped gift box.