Sir; Could I ask the new Food Chain Centre whether the aim of its organisation/committee is to promote and support British foods solely, or is it championing imported foods as well. I sincerely hope the answer is the former. British agriculture is among the best in the world, with the highest unilateral controls imposed on us. If we in UK agriculture do not differentiate our produce from inferior imports, you may as well kiss British agriculture goodbye. With the strength of the pound, lack of political will to promote our produce and weak marketing in the agricultural sector, we are a dumping ground for food throughout the world. If the centre is not prepared to champion British produce you might as well go straight to the pub for a long boozy lunch ­if so, mine's a pint! Needless to say if emphasis is to be put on imports, I will expect Tim Bennett, deputy president of the National Farmers' Union, to offer an early resignation. David Orpwood Chairman Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire National Farmers' Union {{LETTERS }}