Clive Beddall The new food chain centre proposed by Sir Don Curry's Policy Commission on the Future of Farming and Food has unveiled the names of its influential supervisory steering group which will meet for the first time in London later this month. Headed by Deirdre Hutton, chair of the National Consumer Council, the group includes representatives from IGD, MLC, DEFRA, farming, manufacturing, multiple retailing, the co-ops, foodservice, and the business media. Hutton told The Grocer on Wednesday: "I am excited by the quality of people who have agreed to join the group. It exemplifies a determination to achieve something significant right across the chain. "We now have an opportunity to address the issues of profitability and cohesion, identified by the Curry Commission report, right across the food chain." Hutton added that a key role for the centre was to address communications issues, from the consumer's perspective right across the chain. The centre, which is being facilitated by IGD, is one of the first initiatives to be driven by the Curry Commission, and has been welcomed by industry leaders. IGD president, David Webster (the Safeway chairman) told the prime minister last month that it would "help to build trust and confidence in an industry where these qualities have often been lacking". Webster also assured the PM that it would be particularly sensitive to the needs of small businesses and while being strictly neutral it would not favour one interest group at the expense of any other. {{NEWS }}