Wyeth Healthcare is aiming for a healthy increase in sales by launching a new multivitamin offering for “mind and body” under the Centrum umbrella.

The American company, which first threw the brand into the UK market seven years ago and now claims a 10% share of the £269m vitamin sector, is introducing Centrum Performance from next month. The newcomer’s point of difference, said the company, was its combination of minerals and herbal ingredients which include ginseng and gingko biloba, said to have a number of positive effects on the mind, including improving short-term memory.

Rsp for a packet of 30 tablets will be £6.99, while 60 tablets will cost £11.49.

Brand manager Joanne Gray said: “We believe Centrum Performance really addresses the needs of today’s consumer who is often exhausted both physically and mentally.

“It is often forgotten that keeping the mind performing at its optimum is just as important as maintaining peak body performance. That is why we have designed a product that appeals to healthy, self-motivated individuals with the desire to keep themselves in tip-top condition from head to toe.”

Gray said the company had earmarked £1.7m to back the launch, including TV and radio advertising.
Simon Mowbray