Three-quarters of organic farmers surveyed by organic certification body Organic Farmers & Growers want a choice of certifier for their business rather than a single national certifier.
The main reasons cited were that "choice means competition and better service" and "to avoid monopoly and poor service" said OF&G chairman-elect Richard Thompson.
Looking ahead three years at organic farm output, 44% of farmers foresee their production increasing by more than 10% compared with now. Only 5.4% envisage reducing their output significantly, and half expect to stay within plus or minus 10% of current levels.
In spite of poor prices currently being paid for many types of organic produce, farmers taking part showed a great deal of resilience, said Thompson.
Asked whether they would make the same decision again to go organic if they could turn the clock back, 79% said yes.
Thompson said: "The data about investment plans shows great commitment from very dedicated farmers, with most organic farmers intending to stay in production as a business decision. A lot of comments were about the extreme difficulty at the moment in making a profit at current prices for organic produce."
OF&G is one of 10 certification bodies in the UK.

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