Sir; Referring to Sue Nelson's argument that we should encourage consumers to buy quality sausages in British Sausage Week ('I don't feed my kids this rubbish', The Grocer, 4 November, p56), while I'm completely behind specialist manufacturers, I believe our support must go to the entire industry. The meat industry needs this backing to encourage consumers to put its food on their tables. This is true of mass market products and those targeting the top of the scale.

The products our industry produces exist because there is demand for them. If a family or individual's financial situation dictates that they buy more value sausages than speciality products, that is unlikely to change. We cannot influence their income but we can continuously strive to improve standards throughout.

Improved quality can be achieved in numerous ways, from investment in advanced processing equipment to greater focus on developing recipes. Quicker delivery will result in the consumer getting a fresher product. Improvements in process machinery can enhance product quality and profitability. Furthermore, there are already quality marks to help improve and measure these standards. For instance, consumers need only look for the British Meat Quality Mark to know they are buying a good sausage with excellent meat content.