BBC Worldwide's Bob the Builder specials magazine is to be published monthly. Each special will continue to feature the educational and fun activities with Bob and his friends that were designed to encourage children to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in the alternate-month publication. Bob the Builder specials were launched in June, following the success of the original Bob the Builder magazine, launched in October 1999, which recorded a debut ABC for January to June 2000 of 110,260 ­ a 7% sector share. Frontline will continue to distribute the specials, and the print run for the first monthly special will be 140,000. The publisher recommends that Bob the Builder specials, priced £1.75, are positioned next to Bob the Builder magazine, and the specials of the Tweenies, Teletubbies, Playdays and Toybox. Since his debut on Children's BBC television just over a year ago, Bob the Builder has become one of the most successful pre-school children's characters, with more than £20m worth of licensed products being sold to date, including one million videos and one million books in the UK alone. Publisher Toni Round says: "Bob has a loyal fan base and we are sure that the monthly specials will help to strengthen this, with even more children enjoying the magazines every month." The Tweenies specials will also switch from alternate month to monthly frequency this month. Each edition of a magazine special is devoted to puzzles, colouring, stickers, the alphabet or similar themes. {{CTN }}