UK imports of Chilean Hass avocados are on track to double to 4,300 tonnes this year.
The Chilean Avocado Association is launching its first promotional campaign in the UK in a bid to boost consumption.
Activity for the campaign includes the production of 1.6 million free in-pack recipe and information booklets, which will be given away at the main British retailers this autumn. There will also be trolley posters, in-store television commercials, tastings and a consumer PR campaign.
Avocado shopper research, commissioned by the Comité de Paltas Hass de Chile, revealed that although avocado sales are growing fast, more than 75% of the UK has not bought an avocado in the past year.
Adolfo Ochagavìa, general manager of Comité de Paltas Hass de Chile, said: “This is our first promotional campaign in the UK and one that we hope to run in subsequent years.
“There is a huge opportunity to drive consumption of avocados here with penetration at only 23.4% currently.”
It is estimated that there will be a crop volume of 175,000 tonnes of Chilean Hass avocados this year.
The Chilean Hass avocado season runs from September through to January. Chile exports approximately 75% of its production with 12% destined for Europe, including the UK, while 85% is sent to the US, its biggest market.
Chilean Hass avocado plantations extend from La Serena, in the north, to the small town of Peumo, in the south, which covers an area in excess of 26,000 hectares.