from Jim Rogers, Grant Thornton, internet home delivery service

Sir; Medium-sized retailers who have not upgraded to chip and PIN could lose out now the rollout reaches its final phase.
Latest figures show that almost 20% of shops and card-accepting businesses have not updated equipment to accept chip and PIN. These are likely to be medium-sized businesses as smaller businesses generally rent payment terminals from banks and larger retailers have the resources to cope with implementing the new system.
It is not surprising that medium-sized firms are lagging behind. The recent poor retail performance has meant margins are tight, and it is difficult for them to spare the time and money to change to a new payment system. However, it is a problem that firms need to address urgently, as consumers will now expect their cards to be accepted at all businesses, with 99% of cardholders having at least one chip and PIN card. Also fraudsters are likely to target those businesses who can only accept signature cards.