A multimillion-pound consumer advertising campaign has been launched to raise awareness of Chip and PIN.
Dubbed Safety in Numbers, the campaign has secured advertising slots on prime time TV to emphasise that keying in a four digit PIN at the checkout instead of signing a receipt is the safest way to pay.
The ads, designed by Saatchi & Saatchi, will be supported by press and radio advertising, a national shopping centre roadshow, a dedicated website and further communications campaigns from individual retailers and banks.
The strategy has been timed to heighten public awareness before the planned shift in liability takes place in January 2005 to make retailers, rather than banks, responsible for credit card fraud.
By late Spring 2004, half of all UK cardholders should have a chip and PIN card, with the majority of transactions Chip and PIN-enabled by the end of the year, said a spokesman for the Chip and PIN campaign.