A recent Nestle Publicity stunt offers an interesting insight into the nation's north-south divide, with Londoners taking four times as long as Glaswegians to relieve an abandoned lorry of its chocolate cargo.
As part of a launch campaign, the fmcg giant left lorries full of its new chocolate bar Double Cream in the centres of Glasgow, Manchester and London and left the public to help itself.
Glaswegians took just one hour to empty their lorry, while Mancunians showed a little more caution and doubled the length of time taken. Londoners, however, managed to resist temptation for four hours.
Whether this highlights the renowned Caledonian sweet tooth, the diet-consciousness and suspicious nature of southerners or shows that the further south, the more honest the public, is not quite clear.
But Nestlé ¤id reward the light-fingered, who were secretly filmed. Those whose pictures featured in ads could win a year's supply of the brand.