Easter is here and confectionery is king. All over the stores extra display space is crammed full of Easter eggs to tempt children and adults alike.
Chocolate eggs of all shapes and sizes are in store and with the different promotional offers available it’s a wonder anyone can decide which to choose.
It’s no surprise that in the week leading up to Easter the top three brands would be linked with chocolate. Cadbury, Nestlé and Mars have a clean sweep at the top of the brand chart although with Easter over there will be spaces up for grabs. When it comes to Easter egg offers, then it seems multibuys are the only way to go. Ranging from a six for £5 offer on small eggs to the two for £8 on larger ones, with all sorts of combinations in between, Tesco is a prime example of what offers are out there in store for the consumer. All the retailers have followed the same pattern with only small variations in the prices between them.
Confectionery is the top category but alcoholic beverages is poised to take over after Easter led, it seems, by Stella Artois.