The season of goodwill is upon us so your turnover should go up this month as people go on their proverbial spending spree.
However, the criminal element will reason, probably quite rightly, that there are more high-price items to pinch at the moment and more money going through the tills. Shopping patterns will change and more of your customers will be unknown to you. You will be busier than usual, so it will be harder to keep to your security routines.
Try to build in some absolute disciplines ­ never much cash in the tills and nothing overnight; only designated people should be key-holders; cameras must be in working order and there must be a varied time and route to the bank, and so forth.
As you may have done some stock rearranging, check your store for blind spots ­ it only takes one and you will suffer the consequences. Check your back door defences ­ too many retailers only pay attention to the front.
You may have extra temporary staff or staff doing different shifts, both of which call for more training and vigilance.
There will be more payments by cheque than is customary so remind your staff that Cheque Guarantee' must be written around the hologram or logo on the card. It must also appear on the signature strip with the card's monetary limit, or it won't be valid. Ensure staff do not accept limited company cheques.