A pink, ceramic, oinking piggy bank stars in Kinnerton's Christmas 2001 range. Complete with a bag of gold-foiled Belgian chocolate coins, it is one of three new products aimed at young girls. The others are a Bang on the Door silver Star Tin with fruit-flavoured sweets (rsp: £2.99) and a flute-shaped Lovehearts Love in a Mug (rsp: £4.99) containing fruit-flavoured loveheart sweets and chocolate truffles. However, other age groups have not been forgotten. Bob the Builder and the Tweenies feature in tree decorations (rsp: £1.99) targeting little children. They join Barbie and The Simpsons in a range of Christmas countdown calendars (rsp: £1.49), and Bill & Ben in stocking filler Chocolate Tubes filled with fruit flavour character jellies (rsp: £1.39). Teenagers also get new choices with Bang on the Door Groovy Chick and Purple Ronnie's countdown calendar (both £1.99), and a Girls' Night In Kit and Purple Ronnie's Botty Warmer Pack ­ a heart-shaped hot water bottle with milk chocolate truffles. (rsp: £4.99). A chocolate-based version of TV's Who Wants to be a Millionaire (rsp:£4.99) is aimed at the whole family where players amass chocolate goodies in the shape of gold bars worth up to £1,000,000. They have the choice of phoning a friend, going 50:50 or asking granny. Purple Ronnie's Bottom Burps Game (rsp: £4.99) takes a more risqué tone with activities based on Purple Ronnie's day after he's had a curry, with chocolate snogs' and botty burp' prizes. {{MARKETING - P&P }}