Careers in Food and Drink, The Grocer’s guide for talented students looking to build a career in the food and drink industry, is set to make a massive impact when it is launched in the autumn.
Now in its fourth year of publication, more than 20,000 copies of CIFAD will be printed and distributed to universities, colleges and schools.
The publication is packed with case studies of graduates who have made the grade and profiles 200 of the top companies in the industry.
Elaine Marshall, The Grocer’s recruitment ad director, said: “With talent shortages now a big issue for the entire industry, CIFAD is a great way of encouraging students to choose careers in food and drink. As such, it’s a fantastic vehicle for employers looking to promote their company among tomorrow’s workforce - today.”
The publication is also brought to life every March through a seminar for students.
Universities have already started ordering the 2006 guide. If you would like to order a free copy, call Becky O’Neil on 01293 610419. Or if you would like to promote your company in CIFAD, call Emma Oakden on 01293 610244.