Rothmans is backing its first premium cigarette launch in the UK for more than 10 years with a £1m promotional campaign. Posters for new 555 Smooth will go up on outdoor sites in mid-November, followed by ads in lifestyle magazines and newspapers. A sampling programme will put products into the hands of 60,000 consumers. Ralf Wittenberg, trade communications manager, said the company hoped the launch would revitalise the resilient premium sector, which accounts for around 36% of the cigarette market. "The only thing that has happened there in the last few years is that prices went up. The action was in the value for money sector," he added. The brand, which is positioned between Benson & Hedges and Marlboro Lights, has been rolled out to cash and carries, multiples, independents and forecourts. Rsp: £4.19 {{P&P }}