Unprofitable varieties go Israeli citrus growers are planning to refocus the industry starting this summer by grafting over unprofitable varieties, completely renewing groves, and taking measures to reduce costly irrigation. In phase one, 4,000 hectares, some 20% of production, will be grubbed as the 130,000 tonnes it produces hardly cover costs. The land will be replanted, particularly with new style Israeli bred easy peelers. Currently oranges account for around a third of the crop, red, white and sweetie grapefruit 30%, easy peelers 25%, lemons 10%, and exotics the remainder. Last season Israel's five major exporters, Mehadrin Tnuport, Agrexco, Pardess, Kedem and Ben-Ezer, exported some 9.5 million cartons of fruit compared with 13.5 million in the 2000-01 season. Orange exports were particularly affected, with Shamoutis and Lates falling by half. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}