Outspan Valencias arrive As the first trickle of Outspan Valencia lates begin to arrive, supplementing a reduced crop of navels to fulfil some prepacking orders, Capespan International has forecast it will ship 1.5 million cartons to the UK which will be available until the end of November. A total of four million is programmed for Europe. "This variety will be in full supply by mid August," said UK manager Martin Dunnett. "Quality of fruit looks good but our volume will be reduced by about 200,000 cartons compared with last season." Dunnett added that although there would be some smaller sizes ­ always a factor with this variety ­ grower selection would produce a substantial proportion of fruit graded between 40s and 56s. South African grapefruit sales have improved this season despite being what Dunnett describes as "a small fruit year" and a lower overall crop. In some cases, the gap has been filled by arrivals from South America. Star Ruby has accounted for about 55% of Outspan sales. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}