Men are spending more on grooming products than ever before - but they are far from perfect in the personal hygiene department.

Figures published this week in The Grocer reveal that 10% of males still do not use deodorant, and most spend little time in the bathroom every morning.

However, data from TNS shows a huge rise in the popularity of male grooming products as men become more concerned about their appearance. The market is strong, with value growth up 8% to £571m (52 w/e 21 May).

Categories showing the largest increases include shampoo, which rose by 43% in value, and shower gel, which increased by 18%.

Men are also more willing to use moisturisers, face products and eau de toilette - once the preserve of women - says TNS, with sales of skincare products up 26.7% to £63m and fragrances up 10.4% to £124m.

However, research commissioned by male grooming brand Sanex for Men shows that they have a long way to go to beat their rival sex in the preening stakes. It found that half of all men in the UK spend fewer than ten minutes on showering and skincare each morning, and more than three quarters spend less than 15 minutes.

Men are also eschewing products traditionally targeted at an older age group. Sales of talcum powder fell 16.6% and men's soap dropped 23.1% in value.