Mounting concerns among suppliers that online auctions are open to abuse by buyers in the foodservice and retail sectors has prompted the British Frozen Food Federation to start drawing up a code of conduct to govern their use.
Howard McEvoy, president of the BFFF, said online auctions were a fact of modern business life. But he told the trade association’s annual lunch that there had to be sensible rules of engagement that were fair to both buyers and sellers.
“The federation has heard tales of bidders calling halfway through the bidding process and often the winner of the auction does not win the business.”
McEvoy said the BFFF was keen to work with other supplier trade associations to develop the code of practice, but said the federation would go it alone if other groups were not prepared to stand up and be counted on this issue.
He also told the 1,000 or so suppliers and buyers gathered for the lunch that the BFFF would continue to focus on supply chain issues - providing pan-industry solutions to problems such as poor availability in retail and pushing for the adoption of its outer packaging colour-coding initiative.
The BFFF has also formed two groups to look at ways of improving the image and profile of the industry within the foodservice and retail sectors.
He said the federation was keen to promote the benefits of frozen foods in both sectors.
Julian Hunt